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Blended Learning for Networking Professionals
Balanced Twisted-Pair (Copper) Cabling

Introduction to Structured Cabling

OSI Layers

Introduction to Cable Networks

Telecommunications Standards

Balanced Twisted Pair Cables

Cabling Categories and Classes

Colour Codes and Wiring Schemes

Horizontal Cabling including Work Areas

Backbone Cabling




Design Exercises

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E-Learning Programmes
Optical Fibre Cabling

What are Optical Fibres?

Fibre History

Types of Fibre (Multimode/Singlemode)

Common Fibre Optic Cable Types

Splicing and Terminating Optical Fibres

Factors Contributing to Signal Degradation

Implementing Fibre Optics in the Local Area Network

Why choose Fibre instead of Copper?

Pulling Fibre Optic Cable

Fibre Optic Testing

Fibre Components

Fibre Optic Safety


Design Exercises

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